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In order to access the beta version of FloorballManager requires that you have registered an account which you can do on this page. Even if you signed up as a beta tester before you need to register an account.

If you already have signed up as a beta tester since 2006, you have priority in our queue to get a team when we launch the beta version. To make it possible to us to know if you are a old beta tester, you should sign up with the same e-mail that you used when you signed up by e-mail between the period 2006 and today. If you have changed the e-mail, please contact us at so we can change your e-mail on our beta tester list so you don't miss the priority in the queue to get a team.

If you don't find your your country in the list, please contact us so we can add your country.

End user license agreement for the services of FloorballManager.

Last edited 2009-03-15

§1 Introduction

The FloorballManager is a free manager game for the sport floorball on the Internet there the user take care of it's own team and meet other people around the world in matches and other feature included in the service.

§2.1 One team and user per natural person

Each natural person is only allowed to have one user included a team so all can play in the same conditions.

§2.2 Choise of username

The username that the user selects may not be offensive or to harm anyone.

§2.3 User information

The user is responsible for passwords and other sensitive information is not disclosed to unauthorized access and stored in such a way that unauthorized people can not gain access to them.

FloorballManager manage the users passwords in a way that the passwords can not be restored if the user loses their passwords. This means that a new password will be sent out when users forgotten their passwords.

§2.4 E-mail

FloorballManager or in cooperation with their partners has the right to send e-mails to the users in information purposes, however, max once a month.

FloorballManager will not sell the users e-mailaddresses to third parties.

§3 Current legislation.

Floorball Manager applies the Swedish legislation.

§4 Breach of contract

FloorballManager's game management has the right to go into action against users that not follow the rules in FloorballManager's end user license agreement

§5 Temporary EULA

This end user license agreement applies only to registration of the user account to the beta version which means that a new end user license agreement must be accepted in the creation of the team at the beta launch

Notice: This is only a translation of the Swedish rules