Floorball League demo released

November 24, 2010 00:07

No, it’s not Floorballmanager launch yet but today the team behind Floorball League released the demo of their floorball game.

In the demo you take control of either Finland or Sweden and play one period like you did in the gameplay demo they previewed in the end of July.

I’ve played a couple of matches of the demo and overall I think this is really awesome and in my view this is it what we can expect as a floorball game without a large game publisher behind the game studio like Electronic Arts. But with the resources that Prodigium have had the game hold a good standard and if you buy the game you show Prodigium that you like what they have done and hope they want to develop the game further.

You can buy the game in game stores from 3rd of December in Finland and if you are from another country you have to buy it through services like Steam short after that day.

To download the demo please visit Floorball Leauges own site and click on Download.

Henrik Stenberg in the Swedish National Team have just scored.

By Mikael