Planning for the beta - Part 2

November 03, 2010 19:02

This is the second part of our blog serie about the upcoming beta of Floorballmanager. You can read the first part here.

In this post we come to write about some parts we have decided to not enable because of the disabled official league which you can read about in the first part.


Economy is a large part of the game experience and a lot of things has a cost like player and employee salaries. You have also a cost for your club’s arena and of course you have also an income but only in the official league matches your senior team plays.

Your arena income depends partially in which division your senior team playing in and without the official league enabled we have decided to disable the arena because you don’t know how many visitors you may expect without to know in which division you come to play in.


The club sponsoring is an interesting model were your sponsor income depends on many variables where one is which division your senior team playing in.

Because of that we also come to wait to launch the sponsoring system but instead your club come to receive a standard amount every week for both the arena and sponsoring until the official league is enabled and other parts that the arena and sponsoring depends on.

By Mikael