Planning for the beta - Part 1

October 10, 2010 10:10

Like you know we are planning for the upcoming beta which we have planned to release this autumn.

In this post we come to describe our current status and our plan with all of our thousands of users to make the best experience to all of you.

League and tournaments

At the moment we have users from 17 different countries and internal we have discussed two options for our league system.

The first option is to let all users participate in the same league system which mean that users from different countries may play against each other in the league.

The other option and our favourite is to let all countries with a minimum of users participate in their own league system and the other users play in a “world” league until their country reach the minimum size.

We think that a minimum size either would be 156 or 480 to give the best experience in the league system. The fixed numbers are because each division contains 12 teams and has 3 child divisions.

Today our idea is to not activate the official league which we have described above at the beta launch. Instead we come to let you create smaller tournaments/leagues and create and participate in how many tournaments you want during the beta until we launch the real official leagues. Notice that you come to have the possibility to participate in how many tournaments/leagues even after the beta – the only possible limit would be how many tournaments you can create and have active at the same time.

Academy and national teams

In our blog post about our new logotype we wrote about national teams and the academy and we are sure both of these come to increase the experience in the game with world cup and academy leagues.

Even if we want to deliver a full experience at the beginning our plan today is to not activate these features at the launch because the primary focus should be the senior team and also that it’s easier for you to learn and maintain one team instead of two.

Am I invited to the beta?

Yes you’re. We come to activate users in batches so you may not receive a team at the launch date but our goal is to activate users every week or more frequent so you should receive your team shortly after the launch.

By Mikael