Summer status update and Floorball League

August 10, 2010 09:28

The summer is coming to an end and also a perfect time to give you the latest information about what we’re doing at the moment. We also want to push for the beta release of our floorball collegues in Finland who develop the awesome floorball game Floorball League, also called FBL-Game.

New training

We have changed how the training work and the focus in this rewrite was to give you, the user a more realistic experience how the training actually is performed.

With the new training the user can choose the exercises the players should perform, from different warm ups to play intelligence exercises.

Game engine

The other thing we’re working on is our game engine which is the thing that simulate the matches.

Our work with the game engine is not a viewable thing because this work aims to optimize the execution time.

We’re satisfied with our match experience with all information and statistics we show, like the goal positions and real-time reports update.

Floorball League

Our floorball collegues in Finland at Prodigium Game Studios has just released the beta version of their PC-game Floorball League. The beta allows gameplay in one period between Finland and Sweden.

Floorball League is really awesome and we look forward to play the full version when they launch in December this year.

By Mikael