Announce new logotype

April 05, 2010 19:19

Today we are happy to announce our new logotype that come to add a new symbol to the existing logotype we are using today.

Our primary goal with the updated logotype is to show that we are a floorball game and we think that a club badge with a floorball ball is a good way to do it.

National teams

We are also very happy about the high volume of people from countries other than Sweden. This open up the possibilities to interesting matches and tournaments between the national teams in the game with seniors as well as juniors (U19).

Beta release

The most asked question is when we come to launch the beta version and we haven’t any confirmed date today but our target is autumn 2010.

A more detailed description about how and when we come to release the beta come to be published in the blog in the upcoming summer.

This post is in english because of the high volume of non-Swedish members today. If you still want to read in Swedish (or other language) please use Google Translate.

By Mikael