The 10th Year of Floorballmanager

December 21, 2015 08:00

Floorballmanager has been around since 2006 but never been released to the public nor the users that signed up to the beta version if we exclude the early alpha version that had 50 invited users during 2007.

Unfortunately time flies and in June 2016 Floorballmanager celebrates its 10th year from when the game was founded and I started to develop the game because I thought that floorball should have its own fantasy manager game among the many that existed for football (soccer) and ice hockey. During 2011-2012 the game was more or less ready for the first beta release to let users try the game but with limited spare-time and new ideas I decided to wait and try out the ideas but with less spare-time the development started to stagnate with longer periods of interruption.

So what is the plan with Floorballmanager? Currently the development happens occasionally and I’ve revised some of my ideas from 2006-2011 in the last years and plan to spend more time with development but it is impossible to estimate when the beta version is mature to be released but you shouldn’t expect anything during 2016. The same framework and ideas from the beginning still applies but I’m sure that the outcome will be way more interesting and improve the experience both for individual managers and as a group.

Finally, Floorballmanager wish all our visitors and users a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Feel free to contact if you’ve any questions or suggestions.

By Mikael