Merry Christmas and Happy New Year but no release in 2011

December 24, 2011 21:42

Many people mail us every week and ask when we should release the beta version of Floorballmanager or if it still is active and because of that we think that we should give all our visitors and beta testers the current information about Floorballmanager.

The private beta which target all people that have signed up as a beta tester is not too far away and we’re missing 2-3 key components that we want to let our users try and evaluate. It’s not a problem because all depends on priority and the project that take the majority of each day is university studies which always have the highest priority.

This means that there will be no private beta in 2011 and because development depends on workload in studies and other things we have no scheduled date for the release but hope to be ready to all the beta users in the upcoming fall but we may invite a few hundred people before the official private beta happen.

Finally we also want to wish a merry christmas and happy new year to our supporting visitors that still want to be a part of Floorballmanager.

By Mikael