Inside the game: training

June 07, 2011 08:00

From today and until the release of the beta version of Floorballmanager we come to write short but detailed posts about some parts inside the game. Upon request we begin this series of posts with the training!

Our philosophy of a good and a more challenging training system have more common with how the training work in the reality than other strategy manager games. In Floorballmanager every manager create at least one training program and specify the intensity of the training, which can be set between 10-100%.

The next step after the intensity setting is to decide which exercises and how long time each exercise should be performed during the training. The maximum time to fill out the training with exercises is 90 minutes but the training can always be shorter.

We think that this training system should give you, the manager a better game experience were you can customize your trainings exactly like you want them. With this system you have to decide when you should have the trainings during the week and give you the opportunity to decide when you think your players have the energy to come to the training and decide if they should perform a training which decrease theirs energy the day before the match or not, all is up to you.

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By Mikael